C'est le logo de l'application beat the rhythm avec une petite explosion de notes sur le côté. Il est en bleu.

Tap, count and learn musical rhythm !

Beginner or expert, master musical rhythm whatever your instrument.

Build strong fundamental rhythmic skills !

Une musicienne qui fait de la guitare mais aussi de la basse et du piano est en train de jouer. Elle apprend le rythme de ses morceaux préférés en rigolant et en souriant. Elle tient une magnifique guitare et joue avec ses doigts. Elle essaie d'avoir le rythme.
  • Grow as a better musician by practicing and learning rhythm theory. From the whole note to the syncopes of sixteenth notes, you will know it all
  • Save time with our optimized, clear and simple curriculum
  • Learn as you practice with our interactive rhythm game with real-time feedback
  • Play wherever you want, whenever you want and stay motivated thanks to our funny playful rhythm practices

Whether you are a guitarist, a pianist, a bass player, a drummer, a singer, a ukulele aficionado or play brass or wood instruments, you can grow rhythm counting skills and boost your feeling by playing our app 10 minutes a day only.

Master the rhythm with a fast and fun method

Progressive learning is the key

From beginner to advanced level, we offer you a step-by-step curriculum with classes and exercises. We are all you need.

Music rhythm theory is finally playful

It's a well-made rhythm game, except that you actually learn something. Tap on the screen, play all the notes and get all stars !

It's time to get that groove !

Play whole notes, half notes, linked dotted notes or triplets and enlarge your vision, composition and feeling as a musician.

All the rhythm in one app

L'application Beat The Rhythm est comparée à une véritable méthode en papier. On retrouve des partitions et tablatures en papier ainsi qu'un smartphone posé par dessus avec des illustrations de l'application de rythme.

If you play just 10 minutes a day you will be able to :

  • Play whole, half, quaver, eighthn and sixteenth notes
  • Master dotted and tied notes, triplet and rests
  • Feel comfortable with twisted and complex rhythms

In a nutshell, it’s the perfect way to have fun and master your favorite songs in a breeze ! 

Why learning rhythm is essential?

A drummer is playing and a guitarist is playing rhytmics with chords.

Rhythm is everywhere: metal, rock, jazz, pop, funk, folk, country music. You name it. So learning rhythm is essential to let your master and feel the styles you like and the songs your wish to play !

Also, whether you play guitar, bass, piano, drum,  violin, trumpet or any other instrument, rhythm is an universal language among musicians so that everyone can play together in harmony and transmit knowledge and musics.

That is, a musician need to count rhythm to:

  • Not play too fast or too slowly and be steady while playing a song alone or in a band
  • Harmonize the various instruments’ rhythms to achieve a great composition
  • Improvise, play with other people and innovate out of the songs they already played.

Rhythm is often what makes apart a musician and an amateur. Fortunately, you can learn rhythm reading and musical rhythm theory all in one app !

The earlier you learn rhythm, the better it will be. Feeling the duration of notes, counting the times aloud or using a metronome are all very efficient way for you to get a cleaner, neater and more professional play. It’s not all about theory, counting rhythm really does skyrocket your musical skills.

We crafted super effective exercises that are both addictive and demanding. Learn with us, and you will be able to face with confidence any of the songs you dream to play. More than everything, our job is to make musical rhythm theory playful enough to motivate you to play every day ! Try it now, tap the pulse and beat the rhythm !

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